Conditions d’utilisation du service


  • offers services in order to make your climbing and mountaineering experience more fun and exciting.
  • The site (hereafter only Escalibur) collects data, news, photos, and other information related to climbing and mountaineering introduced by registered users with the primary goal to share and make them accessible to others users.
  • Escalibur collects data on areas, climbing sites, sectors and routes repeated by users, not from publications, magazines or other sites, but directly from the experience of its users.

Terms of service

  1. You are not allowed to enter in Escalibur intentionally inaccurate, misleading or false information.
  2. As a member of Escalibur you agree that the information entered is public according to the mode of operation of the site. However will be kept private direct messages between users.
  3. Escalibur does not guarantee and is not responsible for the quality of the published information, which may be inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect.
  4. Escalibur reserves the right to change the names of places, sectors and routes provided by users in order to improve the quality and consistency of data.
  5. Escalibur can not guarantee uninterrupted service, or that any maintenance operation is quick.
  6. Escalibur is not responsible for data deleted by mistake, negligence or any other reason.
  7. You may cancel your account at any time. As a result all personal data will be deleted. Any non-personal data related to climbing routes will be retained and will be available in Escalibur anonymously. However the user has the option to manually delete all data before proceeding with the cancellation of the account if desired.
  8. You are prohibited from using offensive language, using words that refer to sexual orientation, social class, religion or political preferences. Escalibur reserves the right to edit or delete the texts it considers inadequate.
  9. It is forbidden to post images from other sites, protected by copyright or whose content is deemed offensive or objectionable material. Escalibur reserves the right to cancel without notice these images.
  10. Escalibur reserves the right to terminate your account if the terms of service are violated.
  11. Sport climbing and mountaineering are activities whose risks are responsibility of the person who practices them. Escalibur is not responsible for the risks associated with sports or recreational activities.
  12. According to the current regulations we remind you not to use your mobile device or any other device connected to the Internet to visit Escalibur while driving or in hazardous areas.