PSICOBLOC - Chido Cabrones!

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Al Aire Films in collaboration with Rock&Water and Exposure present: PSICOBLOC - Chido Cabrones!
Some adventurous DWS expedition en the mediterranean sea with Eneko Pou, Iker Pou and Ricardo Ramos (mex).

Ricardo got sponsored to travel to Europe and he chose Mallorca over all places to go, to try high quality deep water soloing for his first time. And he went hardcore together with Iker and Eneko Pou climbing in 3D high tufas!

... but we want more! So now, we invited Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Galvan maybe the strongest mexican female climber to continue our project with "Chido cabronas!"

Btw, we're looking for sponsors ;)
Verfasser: Al Aire Films



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