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  • 22-02-2011


  • dario:


    bouldery 15m lines, THE anti-dario!

    V6(10 moves)+decent rest+V7(14 moves)+chain... THEY SAY (what the f**k is a "V"??? Visitors???)

    the Ucraino would do this second go, david gual\david olesa flash...

    8 goes for mua, could hv been 5, but could easilly 187...

    big luck\conditions dependent for weak climbers (MR Pringle, is useless u complain about the umidity, today was 154% and raining u  princess!)

    dosage5 say 8b+, i say they were all drunk & in desperate need 4 sponsors in than movie.. all gavachos anyway: what do u expect?!

    shame i didnt send with the supa-belay of Brendan, already in the US... miss u bro!

    well, trip is over...no more lines under 5.14 (exept red dragon, but as 'Nando teached me, FUCK the 25minutes up-hill walk!)

    so, am i a 13d climber now? doubt it.. only smith rock's drilled crimps will tell!! =)

  • U man, solid! Venga tigre! But what the minchia of job U do to have all this F trips around the F world (Fuuuuuuu!)?!?! I wanna be... A RADIOSTAR!!! Doesn't centra 'na mace, ma to me it goes of singing (ammìa me 'vva' de canta'!). VENGA DARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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